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My Furry Valentine Photo Contest

If you LOVE your pet, this contest is for you! Submit your favorite photo (higher quality = better) of your furry valentine to have him or her featured on our MPA! Valentines cards this year. All proceeds benefit Memphis Pets Alive! and our programs that work to lower in the euthanasia in local shelters. Valentines will be available the first week of February (mailed to the winner and available for pickup around town at no cost for individuals!).

Enter and vote as often as you like between January 23 and January 27! Every $1 vote cast is a $1 donation to Memphis Pets Alive! Ask your friends, family and co-workers to join in on the fun and help vote for your favorite photos! Keep checking this website daily to watch us get closer to our fundraising goal with every vote!

Good luck and have fun with this year’s postcard contest! Every dollar we raise WILL make a difference for the pets of Memphis – help us save more lives this year!

Winner will be chosen by popular vote and awarded the honor of MPA!’s Furry Valentine, being featured on Valentine’s postcards distributed (at no cost) around Memphis for individuals to pick up and share with their loved ones. The winner will be mailed 25 postcards featuring their furry friend to distribute to their friends and loved ones and will receive a large gift basket, including two Grizzlies tickets to the Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors (2/10/17)! Second place will receive a small gift basket, including a $25.00 PetSmart Gift Card. Third place will receive a small gift basket.

View entries and submit you own here!

Pet Pantry Stats

One of the many features Memphis Pets Alive! brings to the mid-south is our pet pantry which helps provide food and other essentials to pets in need. Every week there are dedicated volunteers handing out food, making home visits and assisting in any way possible to help ensure that animals are not suffering throughout our community. Recipients of assistance from the pet pantry must complete an application and demonstrate need in order to qualify for our temporary assistance.


The following are the stats for the amazing work the pet pantry has done over the last quarter:

September: 32 homes visited, 8 feral colonies served, 95 dogs served, 51 cats served, 3,672 pounds of dog food distributed, 438 pounds of cat food distributed, 9 new recipients!

Maddy 3


October: 45 homes visited, 5 feral colonies served, 102 dogs served, 58 cats served, 3,843 pounds of dog food distributed, 445 pounds of cat food distributed, 7 new recipients!

November: 29 homes visited, 3 feral colonies served, 65 dogs served, 60 cats served, 2,210 pounds of dog food distributed, 335 pounds of cat food distributed, 5 new recipients!



December: 49 homes visited, 5 feral colonies served, 118 dogs served, 113 cats served, 4,094 pounds of dog food distributed, 711 pounds of cat food distributed, 6 new recipients!

If you would like help, you may do so in a number of ways. You can donate via our website, make a purchase via our pet pantry Amazon wishlist, sign up to volunteer, call/email us: 901-541-5415/info@memphispetsalive.org to donate or simply spread the word about all of the good which we are doing.