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April 2015
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author: Erika Breese

I cannot overstate how much of a difference can be made in the lives of the dogs at MAS just by spending a few minutes with them.

I didn’t even photograph this dog on Tuesday night. But I walked by his kennel and reached in to pet his nose and ten minutes later I was still sitting there with my fingers reached as far through the kennel bars as they would go. He leaned into me. He rested his head in my hands. And he wagged his tail the whole time.


Look closely at this photo.

Look at how much he wants to be loved. Look at how he would do anything to not have those bars between us so that he could crawl up in my lap and just be loved.

People tell me all the time that they cannot go to the shelter.

I want to fire back at them, “How can you not??”

Can’t you see what a difference you can make? Look and see what these animals can get from a kind touch! And the cost to you? Time? A small heartbreak when you walk away? For me that’s an easy exchange. The positive that it brings to them outweighs the negative it may cause me. Every time.

Exercise compassion.

available and ready for your love

UPDATE – Adopted on 30 APRIL 2015


1 Comment

  1. mikken says:

    They’re still going to be there whether you are kind to them or not – why not be kind to them and brighten a few minutes for them?


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