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Kitten Season

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March 2015
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Happy Spring! It’s Kitten Season!


This week there’s an exciting development that you may have read about: Memphis Pets Alive! has a family of mom and kittens from the shelter. And yes, they are adorable. This time of year there are many kittens pouring into local shelters, and we want to take this time to educate about what’s come to be known as “kitten season.”  As spring time rolls around, as you can imagine, there are many litters of kittens who will be born to less than ideal situations, then surrendered to shelters where their fate is questionable. How can you help? Learn about kitten season, and more, at one of these great sites and help educate those in our community about the importance of spay/neuter!:

Alley Cat Allies http://www.alleycat.org/page.aspx?pid=934

Humane Society of the US http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/facts/kitten_season.html

Adopt-a-pet.com http://www.adoptapet.com/blog/kitten-season/

If you are new to rescue or have been around for a while, you may find yourself wondering where you fit in exactly. Are you more comfortable volunteering at outdoor events? going to the shelter every week? writing for social media? Are you great at fundraising, or at least want to find out if you are? Do you think you want to try fostering a cat for our Cat Adoption Progam? Are you more comfortable interacting with the cats at our PetSmart Habitat?

Finding your passion in volunteer work takes time. Allow yourself to take risks, try each of the different ways of participating, and see what you like best. Although we are all about saving pets, we also try to help each volunteer find where their niche is. Did you know that right now there are folks from literally all over the world who are part of the MPA! mission? They do their part by sharing information, commenting on our media pages, and fundraising in their own communities. Every time you tell someone about MPA! you are helping make it better and more successful. So, thank you. And consider making it a person goal of yours to tell one person a week about why you love Memphis Pets Alive!


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