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Foster. Big scary word.

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February 2015
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Written by: Mark Harden

“Foster.” Big scary word. Not really. Webster’s defines it as “to promote the growth or development of; further; encourage”. In your mind, you make up your own definition long before you actually take the steps to begin, and make the decision to try.

“I don’t have time.” “I don’t have room.”  Valid reasons, no doubt.

TonyPawI had the same thoughts. Then I decided to try. Short term fostering. I was able to take Tony the cat from MAS, and after his surgery to neuter, I kept him for a week. What a week it was. When I opened the cat carrier, I saw a shy wide eyed, scared to make a peep kitty.

Watching him change in only a few days was amazing. He would explore the house, going a little further each time, and then come meowing back; as if he was reporting what he had seen to me. He would get right in my lap, and smash his little face into mine, interrupting my TV program, but I loved it. I found him racing me to get upstairs to the bedroom, and poking me with his cold nose at night. Usually in my eye, waking me up to assure him he was still ok. I took him to Memphis Pets Alive! cat habitat for adoption, and I go and visit him every chance I get. He will make some family very happy for the rest of his days. I am proud to say I was his Foster Dad, even if only for the first week of his new chance at life.

If you can’t foster long term, or sick animals, which is generally the idea…..please consider short term fostering. I promise you that it will help the animal, and also promise that it will help you even more


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  1. Well written! I know Tony has now been adopted & you have fostered yet another kitty, Burton! Love the photo, too…which is so appropriate for this post!


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