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It’s your Lucky day!

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January 2015
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author: Roni Rogers

One day in November [2014], Memphis Pets Alive! received an email from a lady named Mayhuya Mukherjee, who was inquiring about a little black lab mix #A272366 at Memphis Animal Services. I remembered seeing that sweet little dog’s face, and knew she likely did not have much time left, so I volunteered to contact Ms. Mukherjee on behalf of MPA! to see how I could help.

As Mayhuya and I spoke, my hopes for this pup started crashing. She said she was interested in adopting the dog, but she lives in New Jersey! In my mind some red flags went up. I was wondering, “Is she really serious about this, and how could she get here in time?” and “Aren’t there dogs in New Jersey that need saving?”

Then she told me how fate (and social media) intervened that day…..

Mayhuya had been accidentally tagged -by someone she did not know- on an Instagram picture posted by Memphis Pets Alive. When she saw the tag she was shocked- the dog in the picture looked so much like her beloved pet named Cherry who had passed away many years ago.

She had not been looking to adopt another dog, but this one somehow found her by way of accidental Instagram! We were both convinced it was meant to be.

We started to form a loose plan to get her out of the shelter…Mayhuya has an uncle that lives in Memphis….maybe he can go get her and hang on to her until travel arrangements can me made….Mayhuha can possibly get to Memphis in a couple of weeks….

Oh wait! The dog is no longer listed on Petharbor! Both of our hearts sank. This typically either means the dog has been adopted or the dog has been euthanized. We called the shelter for a status update, not knowing if we were going to hear good news or the heartbreaking realization that we were too late.

Suddenly plans switched into high gear: #A272366 was still alive, but she had been moved to the euthanasia room. She had to be out ASAP!

Mayhuya’s wonderful uncle went straight to the shelter and adopted #A272366 on literally the last day she was to be alive.

The next day, Mayhuya began the almost 30 hours roundtrip drive from New Jersey to Memphis to get this very lucky dog – now appropriately named LUCKY!

In less than 72 hours, this pup went from being just another number at a high kill shelter, to a shared Instagram post, to a very much loved and appreciated family member in a fabulous home thousands of miles away from where her story began. Very lucky girl indeed!

*Keep sharing those Memphis Pets Alive posts! You never know when it will save a life!*


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