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Have a Heart and Share

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October 2014
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written by Beth Spencer

Deciding which dog to take outside to play at Memphis Animal Services can be daunting.  When I noticed an awkward-looking terrier type dog with a heart shape in his fur, I thought to myself, “this is my kind of dog.”

He was quiet in his kennel. He had the token sad-shelter-dog face down to a science. His time was up, but like all the others, he transformed into a jovial and active dog as soon as his feet hit the grass.

I went home, uploaded all the dogs I’d photographed, and hoped for the best. I emailed to request his heart worm status, and learned he had no notes of interest placed on him. It seemed like all hope was lost.

Two days later, I received a message from a young lady in Virginia, who wanted to adopt the dog with the heart in his fur. I’d never met her, nor had any mutual friends with her.  The photo of my Memphis mutt had made its way to her through people sharing him on Facebook. She was ready to pay to have him transported to her, and wanted me to help her do it.

I was more than happy to help, and with the assistance of rescue, we changed this little dog’s destiny. He was flown to Virginia a week and a half later, and is living like a king.

This is just one of the happy endings achieved by sharing the furry faces of the Memphis pound on Facebook. I feel like we have yet to harness the full power of sharing and saving lives on Facebook, but it truly does save the lives of so many awesome animals located at Memphis Animal Services.

Heart Dog 1
“Heart Dog” – the photo that saved his life

“Heart Dog” now Brody with his forever family



  1. Well this Beauty got a new home ;🎊😌. ;


  2. When will MAS stop all the needless killing? They have no heart, nor common sense!


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